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Never before have computer and network systems been as crucial in the operation of a business as in the last couple of years.

Modern communication systems are increasingly relying more on the internet and are exposed to security threats, misuse and unforeseen failure (for example Ransomware threats). PC’s, software and components need to be maintained regularly regardless of whether they are experiencing problems or not. Technology changes constantly and it is vital for any company to compare costs to performance savings when planning upgrades or IT projects.

Information technology has led to both large and small business relying on computer networks in terms of operating their businesses efficiently. Many companies would struggle to cope or even exist without computer systems.  It is particularly imperative for smaller businesses to ensure preventive computer maintenance to decrease such risks. In the event of a technical emergency, network support is often required immediately. Quick turnaround support times are the essence of our business.


There are measures that can be taken to prevent the occurrence or decrease the negative effects of system failure:


The establishment of a good relationship with a reliable computer service retailer has become essential to sustaining an operational business. Though typically more expensive, a dependable vendor can generally restore your computer system more swiftly than a manufacturer could – a service that is essential in a dynamic business environment.

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The practice of regular, automatic backups is crucial. In recent years computer hard-drives have become extremely affordable, so the process is essentially an easy one. This should comprise of both mirrored and active backups of important files to either on-site backup file servers or – if your internet speed permits it – online backups to cloud storage facilities.


Anti-virus and firewall systems are essential for any hardware that can connect to the internet. Automatic firewall and virus scanning/protection will enable the detection of any malicious programs or viruses before your system can be contaminated. Much productivity can be lost if the necessary protection is not implemented.


Alternative internet connections can be very beneficial in the event that your primary internet connections experience problems. The substitute could be a simple ADSL or LTE connection or entire alternative ISP.


In order to execute the above, it is sometimes important to implement IT policies. This will define a set of rules through which users may utilise their systems and will ultimately save the company a substantial amount of PC maintenance costs

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